7 websites to improve your python skills

7 websites to improve your python skills

Practice makes a man perfect

Programming is a skill that can be learned, and given the plethora of free resources on the internet, anyone can get started and learn to code. If you are just starting out to learn to program you can learn python free and level up your game to more advanced concepts of the language.

But, in order to actually use your programming skill to work and find a solution to a problem thrown at you, you need to practice, expose yourself to a lot of problem – solutions, and create a process of how to approach the solution of any given problem.

Think practice as gaining experience in solving a problem and not just writing code to generate an output. This approach will help you to solve any problem in the world and become a good programmer.

To practice python programming you can check these 7 websites which have beginner to advance level questions waiting to be solved.



35 Beginner question with solutions and discussion. It is a good way to start but since the questions are very limited you will get over with all the questions very quickly.

The comment section is pretty useful you can read what others are talking and alternate solutions of the problem.




With a very cool website and with 129 exercise problems on python, Exercism groups the problem in easy medium, and hard categories. Each problem is well explained and has an attached compelling story which makes it really readable and engaging.




HackerEarth is a fairly popular resource to level up your programming skills and also prepare for your next developer job. The quality of the question is fairly good considering the fact hath many companies use HackerEarth for hiring a software developer.


Edabit challenges

Edabit has more than 2500+ problems categorized into as easy, medium, hard, expert.

Project Euler

Project Euler


Project Euler is a collection of difficult mathematical and computer programming tasks that will demand more than just mathematical knowledge to accomplish. Although mathematics will aid in the development of beautiful and effective approaches, most problems will involve the use of a computer and programming expertise.



Sphere online judge has a plethora of challenges and contest to level up your programming and problem-solving skills..

The spoj discussion forum is really active and informative to learn from peers and dive deep into discussions and find an alternate to solve a problem.


Thank you for reading, Happy Learning, drop your suggestion in the comments.

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