Free AI Website Builder - Create a website in 30 seconds.

Free AI Website Builder - Create a website in 30 seconds.
Ai website builder

Building a website for a business has 2 major task 1. Designing the site and 2. Writing the code & hosting the website(Free platforms where you can host your website and web app)

AI assistants are already helping software developers to write code, there are tools like chatgpt, GitHub co-pilot, repltit, tab nine, etc. which make the writing code quick and easy.

But when It comes to designing the website's look and feel, the engaging content in the website and how the website is structured this job is better suited to a experienced designer. Trust me a good design can help your business and create a brand resulting in customer engagement and trust.

But what I told you you can create a website in minutes? Yes, you can by using this AI tool Relume AI Website builder.

Relume Site builder

Relume helps you to generate full business website in just minutes by simply writing a prompt describing your buiness and what are your goals you want to acheieve with the website.

Relume has it all coverered, from sitemap to wireframe and the content. A full stack.

Not only just generating the layout the Relume editor enables you to edit the design and play with till. You can change the text, add or remove section and elements and rearrange elements to make the website just the way you want.

Additional to the AI site builder, Relume also has other tools like Figma library, webflow library and a Chrome extention which helps to manage your design and deploy it.

You can try the Relume AI Site builder for free and explore the features, if Relume is what you were looking for you can upgrade to a paid plan and unlock all the features.

The Fastest Way To Write Copy For Your Website | Relume Ipsum
Generate website copy quickly and easily using AI, all without leaving Figma.

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