Best way to learn SQL and step into Data Science. [A personal Experience]

Best way to learn SQL and step into Data Science. [A personal Experience]

There are tonnes of learning resources and materials on the internet both free and paid, but at the same time, it’s so random that for a beginner it becomes very difficult to find the right resource to follow and learn anything quickly and effectively and in a systematic manner

Here I am going to list the best free online resources/ course to learn SQL in an organized, practical, and quick way.

Online course On Business Data Analytics 

There is an online course on Coursera- Introduction to data analytics . The course is not free but you can use Coursera’s 7 days free trial, having watch time of videos in this course not more than 2-3 hours which lets you finish the course within 7 days very comfortably. Though Coursera says you can earn your certificate of complication if you complete your course in the free trial period but there is an element called “peer assessment”, which makes it almost impossible to earn the certificate for free, but you can always pay the fee if you want the certificate.

Why should you learn from this course?

You will learn about:

  • Information-action value chain,
  •  what are the different sources to data capture (data-collection) ,
  •  interpret (data-analysis) 
  •   construct a relational database model (RDBMS)
  •  extracting data from relational database using SQL
  • some of the roles critical to the data value chain
  • how high functioning analytical organizations are structured, 
  • data quality,
  •  data governance, 
  • data privacy.

The course is not very in-depth in SQL but I am recommending this course because it provides strong fundamental information about data and related necessary terminology used in data analytics. 

After all, SQL deals with data so it becomes very important to understand the basics of data first.

There are 4 types of SQL commands- 

  • Data definition language
  • Data manipulation language
  • data control language 
  •  data query language

When it comes to SQL this course includes only data query language commands and the basic concepts of a database and upon completion, you will be able to write basic queries in SQL.

But again, the instructor of this course has explained the concepts through real-world examples which helps a beginner to build a solid foundation for further in-depth exploration of SQL and Data Science.

A Youtube Channel

After building a solid foundation with the help of the above course now is the time to learn the remaining 3 types of SQL commands. 

  • Data definition language
  • Data manipulation language
  • data control language 

There are many youtube channels where complete SQL is covered from end to end. Intellipaat and edureka [SQL Essentials Training and Certification] .

The SQL Tutorial for Beginners | SQL Tutorial | Intellipaat is about 3 hours long and covers every topic on SQL starting from basic installation and setup of Mysql workbench to the use of different operators and queries/ commands in SQL.

Course Link- Data Analytics Business

Youtube Link-SQL Tutorial for Beginners | SQL Tutorial

Check out this ultimate Data Science 365 Course: Data Science Bootcamp 2020

Up Next– Practice more SQL queries with a database.

Thank you for reading, Happy Learning, drop your suggestion in the comments.

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