Elon Musk and Jack Ma discussing AI, Jobs, and education at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai.

Elon Musk and Jack Ma discussing AI,  Jobs, and education at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai.

At the Shanghai Expo Center in China, hosting the 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, Elon Musk and Jack Ma talk about the future of AI, jobs, education and human civilization and how life would be in the coming future. They debated on the potential risks and rewards associated with artificial intelligence and the rapid advancement in technology.

Artificial Intellegence

Elon started the conversation by raising an eyebrow and saying “Does AI mean Love?” to which MA responded that he hates the word AI being called artificial intelligence he calls it Alibaba Intelligence. He further added People underestimate the capability of AI by comparing its ability to a smart human but it’s much than that, it will evolve smarter than any smartest human. Also, AI researcher think they are intelligent but they are not, AI is smarter. Musk expects more companies like neural link should evolve to build a high bandwidth interface to the brain so that humans can ride along with AI.

MA started by saying that he himself is not “tech guy” as he is “all about life” and AI will help us to understand ourselves better. He also says 99.99 % prediction made in the past by humans are all wrong and the 0.01% which are right is just by accident. Further, answering to the everlasting debate of  “AI taking over human race” Ma says People who worry about AI should have more confidence in themselves.

Humanity as a biological boot loader for digital superintelligence.”


Upon Ma asking Musk why he is so interested in going to mars. Musk replied, not because earth is doomed or we need an escape hatch but “there is a certain probability that something may happen to earth may be at some point an external force or some internal force destroy the civilization.” We have a very short window to extend consciousness beyond earth and today is the time when it’s possible for humans to extend the life beyond earth and we should secure the future before the window to extend human civilization to mars closes.

Ma on the other hand focus on the efforts to secure earth’s future of coming 100 years and making the world more sustainable. Ma says, Humans have spent the last 200 years understanding the world but AI will help to understand the inside of the Human beings, humans itself.


When asked about the future of jobs Ma says new types of jobs will emerge where people will spend less time working (3 days a week 4 hours a day) and more time spending life. He also says the life expectancy of human will also increase to 120 years in the AI revolution.


Todays Education system is designed for the industrial period” so it needs to be changed because in past we focused about remembering things but with the machine rising we need to be more creative and constructive. Ma focus on an education system which trains kids on arts, painting, dancing and other creative things which only humans are capable of.

Musk focuses on studies which can predict the future with less error. Education right now is a very slow process specially the lectures, with Neural link the education uploading bandwidth would increase drastically.

The most astonishing and surprising statement which both the great minds agreed upon is that we will be facing a “population collapse in the next 20 years” which is totally contrary to the fact that the population the earth is increasing drastically.

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