Gamify your python learning

Gamify your python learning

If you are a beginner in python programming and feeling bored or clueless about what to do next, you can try this website to lighten up your mood and learn and practice programming in a gamified/ storified fun way.

If you want something less graphic heavy but still interactive and engaging you can check these interactive websites to learn python


A very simple and playful website to help anyone learn programming in an enjoyable and challenging way. It is a non-profit organization that is supported by people who believe “We want to help anyone get really good at programming, regardless of their background, through a mixture of practical learning, practice, and mentorship.”

You can use Exercism for free and learn and exercise your python programming skill, not only that you have tutorials for 55+ programming languages.


Start learning python on Exercism.


A platform where you have to write code in order to proceed forward into the storyline. You will practice solving problems and solving them by writing code and in the parallel watch, the storyline moves forward, the animation and graphics look really engaging.


start playing and learning in condingame

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