Get free notion credits and buy 5 months personal pro plan.

Get free notion credits and buy 5 months personal pro plan.

Currently, Notion offers a lifetime personal plan for free which is enough to get started and explore the feature. You can always upgrade to a personal pro plan or team plan by paying the subscription fee.

The personal pro plan of notion charges $4 monthly (paid annually) or $5 monthly (paid monthly). But here’s the catch you can use notion personal pro plan for 5 months for free by earning credits. Well, how to earn credits?

To earn credits you have to do certain minimal tasks in notion. based on the task you get credits which you can redeem to buy a personal pro plan. Sounds great right.

So as of now you can perform 6 tasks and earn a total of $26 as notion credit. A total of 26 dollars can buy you 26/5=5 months of notion personal pro plan for free.

Finally, Here’s a step-by-step guide to earn fre+e credits on the notion.

Quick Video Summary

Login to your account.

notion login

Click on Settings & members in left side panel.

notion settings and members

Click on earn credit in the setting and member pop up

Notion earn credit menu

Clcik on the task to complete and earn credits

Notion Earn credit

After you perform the task succesfully it automatically updates the credits

Notion credit earned

How to redeem notion credits

Now after doing all the task and earning free credits for notion personal pro plan it’s time to redeem the credits and upgrade notion.

Click on upgrade your plan

Select personal pro upgrade

Choose a plan

Now here you have two choices you can get a notion for a year @ $4 per month and get off equivalent to your earned credit or you can pay mothly at $5 and pay directly from free notion credit.

Yearly plan notion

Monthly plan

Hope this helps you and save you some money. Happy notioning.

Thank you for reading, Happy Learning, drop your suggestion in the comments.

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