Google Pixel 4 will feature Soli Gesture Tech.

Google Pixel 4 will feature Soli Gesture Tech.

We all might have seen this amazing video trending on youtube.

Google Soli Gesture Tech

The video was released back in 2015 by Google. The video featured an advance technology which google was developing under its Google ATAP ( Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group) program.

Google is finally releasing the “Soli gesture Tech” in its new Google Pixel 4 smartphone.

Google Pixel 4 Soli Gesture Tech

Soli tech is a miniature radar system which can detect motion around it.

Combined with gesture sensing and advance motion-sensing algorithms “Soli tech” can recognize gesture and motion accurately.

Soli is being featured as a touchless gesture sensing device which can work in dark or can even detect motion through the fabric. Which makes it more superior and advance to its counterpart camera which can only detect motion in good lighting condition when the palm or cue object is visible.

Google has announced “Soli Tech” will help users to skip songs, snooze alarms, or silence phone calls just by waving hand and making gestures.

Google Pixel 4 Teaser

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