Google's Corona Virus Tracker Website is live

Google's Corona Virus Tracker Website is live

Google has launched a website to better track corona virus updates.

The website is currently focused for US but other useful related information sources can be found on the website.

The website has a clean minimalist design easy to navigate and browse.

What can you explore though the website.?

->Information about COVID-19 in the United States , Symptoms & testing by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
->Coronavirus advisory information, Coronavirus condition overview , Coronavirus Q&A By WHO.
->You can navigate to state public health department website by choosing your state from the “Find resources in the US” dropdown menu.
->Information, video Related to safety and precaution by various government sources. also you can see a banner of ” Do the five” campaign to stop corona virus spreading .
->Corona Virus search trends and most common searched terms.
->YouTube video suggestion to watch while in quarantine so you dont waste this precious time of isolation and learn something new and be productive.
->Corona Outbreak map tracking countries health and number of confirmed cases, recovered cases and deaths.

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