How access SORA openAI's latest text-to-video generator?

How access SORA openAI's latest text-to-video generator?
OpenAI sora text to video generator.

Open AI just dropped a game changer AI which converts your text prompts to video.

Sora the text-to-video diffusion model is capable of generating 1 one-minute realistic video with detailed scenes and characters just by analyzing the text prompt. Read the technical report here

I am really stunned by seeing the quality of the video generated by Sora, they are amazingly realistic and detailed as compared to other video generator tools like RunwayML, InvdeoAI, VeedIO AI.

The announcement of Sora has also ignited the conversation on artistic rights and AI regulations. users X (formaly twitter) have mixed opinions on the use and public release of Sora.

What can Sora do?

It's better if you see it by yourself, here are some videos generated and shared by Sam Altman (CEO of OpenAI) and other users on Twitter.

Can you use Sora?

As of now, Sora is in the red teaming phase, which means it is available to domain experts who test and help improve the result.

OpenAI red team network is a group of experienced experts that helps OpenAI to test Ai models to inform potential risks and suggest risk mitigation strategies.

How to join the OpenAI red team to use Sora.

Method 1

Direct application- Unfortunately, currently, the application for OpenAI red team is closed. You can monitor the OpenAI red team page to stay updated and apply when the applications are open again.


Invite: if you know anyone who is part of the red team you can ask them to invite you.

Does the red team get paid?

Yes, OpenAI compensates the members of the read team for their contribution and research. However, red team members are bound to a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) which restricts them from sharing any information about the project or the contributions made by them.

When will Sora be available to use by the general public?

As of now, there is no information is provided by OpenAI regarding the public release of Sora. You can follow OpenAI's Twitter, Sam Altman's Twitter and Sora website to stay updated about more information on Sora and other Ā OpenAI projects.

Untill Sora's public version is released you can use RunwayML text to video generator to generate video.

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