Mircosoft's all resources to learn python | Tutorials| Docs | Videos

Mircosoft's all resources to learn python | Tutorials| Docs | Videos

Programming is a skill that gets better by practicing. There are tons of resources to learn python online and that too for free. Youtube is full of tutorials to learn python, but if you want to learn in a guided and structured way with a brand tag you can explore courses, tutorials, documents, and videos from tech giants and expect standardized and verified content for learning.

In this article, we will explore Microsoft’s resources to learn python without spending a dime. The article is divided into three sections.

If you know any other Microsoft resources which can be helpful for a python programmer feel free to share it in the comments.

Microsoft’ Video Tutorials to learn python

If you are more of a visual auditory learner and prefer watching videos and tutorials to gain knowledge you can head on to the Microsoft Developer youtube channel and follow the Python for beginners playlist.

Microsoft Python for beginners playlist

Python for beginners playlist contains 44 videos each video of avg 6-7 mins covering the basics of python like

  • setting up VScode for python programming
  • print statements
  • formatting strings
  • datatypes in python
  • error handling
  • conditional logics
  • functions
  • using json
  • virtual environments
  • managing keys and decorators
More python for beginners by Microsoft

Once you are done with the python for beginners playlist you can explore advanced topics in the More python for beginners playlist which covers some advanced topics like

  • foramtting and linting
  • labda functions
  • classes
  • inhertance
  • mixins
  • managing file systems
  • working with files
  • and using asynchronous functions.

The above two playlists make you ready to start creating and learning application-specific programmings such as building websites using Django, using python for cloud and serverless applications in AWS or Azure, using python for data science, making neural networks and machine learning models using python.

Even more python for beginners

And if you want to learn the basics of “how to manipulate data using python” Microsoft got you back you can watch the “Even more python for beginners: Data tools” playlist and take a baby step in becoming a data scientist. The playlist covers:

  • Setting up jupyter notebooks [ latest release: jupyter notebook standalone desktop application].
  • pandas library to manipulating datasets
  • Sci-kit learn to train and test models.
  • numpy for mathematical operations and,
  • matplotlip to visualize the data.


Python for beginners playlist.

More python for beginners playlist

Even more python for beginners: Data tools

Microsoft’s article to learn python

Microsoft learn platform

If you prefer to learn information by reading notes, handouts, and textbooks, you can head on to Microsoft Learn’s python path. you can explore the python learning path and modules to get started with the fundamentals.

If you are totally a beginner you can start with the ” Python first step” and if if you want to learn python by making a real-life application you can try “Build real-world applications with Python” which teaches you to make an “AI web app using python and flask”.

You can find more reading material and insights on how Microsoft is using python follow their python community blog.


Microsoft learn is a great resource to learn python programming and other software development skills.

Modules in Python learning path on Microsoft learn

Intermediate Modules

Bonus: If you want to learn python in an interactive way check out this list of 6 Interactive platforms to learn Python free & fast.

Thank you for reading, Happy Learning, drop your suggestion in the comments.

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