Practice SQL queries on a Real Database [Tutorial]

Practice SQL queries on a Real Database [Tutorial]

Have you finished an online course on SQL and the youtube lecture series? Don’t Know which course and which video [Click here]. 

Well only practice will make you a PRO so you have to practice queries to get the proper hang of it. 

In order to practice more you will need a database to work upon. Though you get a couple of databases pre-loaded when you install Mysql workbench but those databases are not much helpful for practice. I faced the similar issue when I was learning SQL. 

So to make every new SQL learner’s life easier here is a step by step tutorial how to add an easy to work upon database in Mysql workbench-


Follow the link and download the .sql file and remember the location where you have stored the file.


Open Mysql workbench and open the .sql file you downloaded-

After opening the file in the workbench you can find the whole script for your database


Run the script-


And after the execution is over, hit refresh button in databases section-

After that you will find a new database named “employees” in the databases section-

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