PyCon US 2021 Event Recorded Videos

PyCon US 2021 Event Recorded Videos

The worldwide community for the Python programming dialect holds a few conferences (PyCons) each year. Whether you’re an experienced software engineer, a leisure activity programmer, or a supreme tenderfoot, the Python community welcomes all to attend the pycon events.

PyCons are facilitated all around the world, generally organized by volunteers from nearby Python communities.

This implies that each PyCon is special, in spite of the fact that all PyCons share the same soul — to spread information, learn from each other and make enduring associations.

Pycon US 2021

This year Pycon US was held virtually on 14-15 May 2021. If you have missed the live event you can find the event recordings on their youtube channel or you can scroll down to see the event schedule and the respective recording of the event.

PyCon 2021 May 14th Events.

PyCon 2021 May 15th Events.

Keynote by Robert Erdmann

Capital One: Analyze, Govern & Approve Model Training Experiments with Rubicon by Mike, Joe, Ryan Soley, Sri

CircleCI: CI/CD 101 with CircleCI, Angel Rivera, Sr. Developer Advocate by Angel Rivera

Generate buzz with real-time FM audio synthesis by Łukasz Langa

Narrative-focused video games development with Ren’Py, an open-source engine by Susan Shu Chang

Writing Good Documentation for Developers by Meredydd Luff

Testing stochastic AI models with Hypothesis by Marina Shvartz

What we learned from Papermill to operationalize notebooks by Alan Yu, Vasu Bhog

Reproducible and maintainable data science code with Kedro by Yetunde Dada

Creating extensible workflows with off-label use of Python by Benjy Weinberger

From NumPy to PyTorch, A Story of API Compatibility by Randall Hunt, Mike Ruberry

pyKnit: math tools for knitters by Terri

El Zen de Python en español by Rafael Santos

GitHub Classroom: Una herramienta simple para la enseñanza de Python by LUIS CONEJO

Aprovechando Python y la IA para enfrentar los desafíos del siglo XXI by Thomas Chen

Microsoft: Deploying your Django application for scale with Microsoft Azure by Anthony Shaw

From 3 to 300 fps: NES Emulation in Python and Cython by James Murphy

Zero to production-ready: a best-practices process for Docker packaging by Itamar Turner-Trauring

Oops! I Became an Open Source Maintainer! 😱 by Mariatta

Data Processing on Ray by SangBin Cho

Event-driven applications: Apache Kafka and Python by Francesco Tisiot

Patterns of ML Models in Production by Simon Mo

Learning python during lockdown: a surprising bonding experience with my child by Shemra Rizzo

Scalene: A high-performance, high-precision CPU + GPU + memory profiler for Python by Emery Berger

Restarting Pyjion, a general purpose JIT for Python- is it worth it? by Anthony Shaw

Cuándo usar extensiones nativas en Rust: rendimiento accesible y seguro by Eric Arellano

Restauración de imágenes multiespectrales con GAN: generar imágenes nuevas para parchar las corrupta by María José Meneses

Tracing Distribuido con OpenTelemetry by Mauricio Vásquez

Keynote – Saron Yitbarek

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