The greatest Artist of all times- Mother Earth

The greatest Artist of all times- Mother Earth

Nature the Greatest art of all times.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

Albert Einstein

Nature has always mesmerized us with its beauty and colors and we are always awestruck by the mare complexity yet simple in nature scenes created by the artist “Mother Earth”

Seeing earth from a farther perspective always strong the feeling of unity and oneness which is beyond the rules of religion, caste and color.

Some astronauts have been really lucky to watch the natures artistry drawn on the earths surface and they only praised the shear magnificence of the scenes.

We all might have used and seen pictures of nature on our gadgets and have used google maps to navigate.

Google maps is a tiny part of google earth which is limited to just virtualization your locality, but google earth has plans to visualize and shrink the whole earth and beyond (moon and mars) in a web browser and that too in 3D.

You might not Know: Google acquired Keyhole in 2004 and Renamed “Keyhole Earth viewer” to Google Earth and expanded the product to a whole new level.

Google Earth uses satellite and aircrafts with resolution cameras to capture images from a distance and the with image processing techniques stitches them to make a canvas.

With Depth cameras a 3D image can be created and mapped with exact longitude and longitude on the virtual globe hence making a virtual 3D Earth.

From low res images to high res images and now 3D models google has come a long way to visualize the earth.

Recently, Google earth published more than 1000+high resolution astonishing images of earth. These images can be seen by installing the earth view chrome app. The extension shows a new image every time you open a new tab.

Google Earth view Extension New tab.

google earth view plugin
Google Earth View extension

View the full collection and download the Google Earth wallpapers

google earth view image download nature
Google earth view Download and view gallery

Get color sorted images by using the map view and the color slider by Germany based UBILABS.

google earth view color sort feature

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