Upload Instagram Post directly from your PC web browser [Instagram Web Update]

Upload Instagram Post directly from your  PC web browser [Instagram Web Update]

People often ask “how can I upload a post on Instagram from my PC” and the answer till now was to use developer mode’s mobile view which we explained it clearly in the article “Instagram Hack: Use full Instagram on PC” but that was before Instagram launched its own official feature which enables uploading your image or video post directly from your pc without using developer toolsthe f12 hack“.

This feature was long-awaited by creators who use their PC to make content. By adding this feature creators can now upload their post which was created on PC directly to their Instagram which our the hassle of switching to their mobile and PC back and forth to upload a god damn post.

I tried the feature and it works seamless and has all the features which one gets in the Instagram mobile app

Step by step guide to upload image on Instagram from PC

let’s walk through the steps in order to upload your image/ video on instagram from your PC.

Step 1: Go to the Instagram website on your browser and Log in. I am using chrome browser for this guide.

Instagram web login scree.

Step2: Click on the plus icon on the top right corner

Add new post button in Instagram web

Step 3:Drag and drop or browse your image or video from your computer.

Drag and drop image instagram

Step4: Select the frame size for your image

Select image post frame size

Step5 : Add filter or edit the image brightness, contrast etc.

Crop, add filter or edit image

Step 6: Write caption, tag people

Write a caption and tag people

Step7: Click the share button. You have share your post on Instagram using your web browser.

Share your first Instagram post from web

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