Weird spam referral traffic on the website from Poland, warsaw & other places

Are you observing a weird spike of referral traffic from Warsaw & Poland, I was observing the same here is what I did. you can try this too..

Weird spam referral traffic on the website from Poland, warsaw & other places

Some website owners observing a weird spike in their website traffic from potentially spam referral sources.

I have also observed the same on this blog.


Spam traffic from warsaw
Spam referral traffic on website home page
  1. You will see constant new user activity at fixed intervals on your Google Analytics real-time view.  
  2. In my case, the spam activity is from Warsaw or Poland.
  3. The span hits will be on your blog's home page.

Deeper investigation

Spam referral traffic host names
  1. Go to your Google Analytics page an select user engagement view
  2. Change the time frame to 90 days
  3. In the first column select first user/medium. Now you will from where you are getting the traffic
  4. I observe way too many spam-looking referrals.
  5. For me the major traffic was coming from host name

So, the problem of spam traffic is not new but in the pas 2-3 days it has accelerated and shown a spike in website traffic from referrals which caught my attention.

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I tried blocking the referral host names using Cloudflare but but it has not shown any results as of now.

WAF rule to block refferal traffic

I have created WAF rules to block incoming spam traffic from the hostnames, but so far Cloudflare hasn't blocked any traffic.

To be double sure I created rules to block both hostname & referral from a particular hostname.

If the spam reference traffic increases the next thing I try is to activate the "under attack" feature of Cloudflare. Maybe that will help stop the incoming spam traffic.

There could be two reasons of Cloudflare has not blocked the traffic.

  1. The traffic is no more coming from the same hostname.
  2. Or, I have configured the rule incorrectly, If you know how to configure the rule please comment.

Update on Cloudflare blocking referral traffic

The above method blocking the referral using the host name did not show any result ,my blog was still getting the spam referral traffic from Poland & Warsaw. Also I figured out that the there are multiple referral hostnames from which the traffic is coming so I thought what if block all traffic from Poland.

So here is what I tried next, I made a WAF rule in Cloudflare to throw a managed challenge to all the GET request coming from the county Poland.

WAF rule blocking stats
WAF rule to block traffic from Poland

As you can see it is blocking traffic from Poland CSR 0%  i.e Cloudflare has issued 23 challenges and out of which 0 were solved. So Probably those were spam traffic.


Here's a snapshot of when the rule was triggered and for which IP.

Blocking spam traffic from poland

WAF rule to block spam traffic

WAF rule configuration 

The WAF rule which i implement is pretty simple. It checks if the traffic is coming from Poland and it is a GET request it throws a managed challenge.

You can also try this method to block spam traffic on your blog, I think it would not harm your readers beacuse the rules is configured to a managed challenge which will allow humans to pass but block bots just like a captcha does.

I am still looking up the internet to find more straight forward solution but couldn't find a any other solution other that what I have experimented and shared.

I hope this will help you mitigate some spam referral traffic from your blog.

Some people are suggesting filtering spam traffic in Google Analytics but this will not solve the problem of incoming traffic, it will just solve the Google Analytics reporting problem. It's similar to closing your eyes when you see a bear, dude the bear still exists.

So, concluding the whole situation, You can try the above solution and check iff works for you without harming your blog traffic, there is no promising solution to completely stop the incoming traffic from spam referral traffic from Warsaw or Poland area, or any other zone. If you know how to block spam traffic please comment below.

Until, then don't panic keep calm.

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