7 websites to learn Python programming

7 websites to learn Python programming
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Learning a new programming language is no small feat. It requires dedication, practice, and most importantly, reliable resources. Python, being one of the most popular programming languages in the world, is a great language to learn, thanks to its simplicity and versatility. If you're a beginner or someone looking to enhance your Python skills, these 7 websites will provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge to master Python programming.



Codecademy is a well-known online learning platform that offers a wide range of programming courses, including an extensive Python course. The Python course is designed for beginners and covers everything from basic syntax to advanced topics. With hands-on exercises, quizzes, and projects, Codecademy enables you to learn Python practically and interactively.


Coursera $1 subscription

Coursera is a renowned platform that collaborates with universities and educational institutions around the world to provide high-quality online courses. They offer several Python courses, including the popular "Python for Everybody" course by the University of Michigan. Coursera's Python courses are structured, and comprehensive, and offer a wide range of learning resources, such as video lectures, quizzes, and programming assignments.


Python Courses on udemy

Udemy is a leading online learning marketplace that hosts thousands of Python courses, both free and paid. Their Python courses cater to all skill levels, from beginners to advanced programmers. With its vast selection of courses, Udemy allows you to choose the course that best suits your specific learning needs. The courses often include video tutorials, quizzes, and practical exercises to reinforce your learning.


W3school python

W3Schools is a trusted online resource for web development tutorials and references. Although it is primarily known for its web development content, it also provides a comprehensive Python tutorial. The Python tutorial on W3Schools covers Python basics, data structures, and advanced concepts like multithreading and regular expressions. With its concise and well-structured tutorials, W3Schools is an excellent resource for anyone looking to learn Python.

Real Python

Real Python tutorial

Real Python is a website dedicated to providing high-quality Python tutorials for developers of all experience levels. The website offers a mixture of free and premium content, covering topics ranging from Python fundamentals to advanced techniques. Real Python's tutorials are well-written and include code examples, making it easy to follow along and understand complex concepts.


The official website of the Python programming language, Python.org, is an invaluable resource for anyone learning Python. The website provides an extensive documentation library, tutorials, and a community-driven platform where Python enthusiasts can interact and share knowledge. Python.org is the go-to destination for official Python documentation and updates, making it an essential resource for Python developers.


DataCamp is a popular online platform that offers a variety of courses on data science, data analysis, and machine learning. They offer courses in Python, R, SQL, and more.
One of their most popular courses is Introduction to Python. This course is designed for beginners who have no prior experience with programming. It covers the basics of Python syntax, data types, variables, operators, control flow, functions, and modules. The course also includes hands-on exercises that help you apply what you have learned.


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These 7 websites will equip you with the necessary tools and resources to learn and master Python programming. Whether you prefer structured courses or self-paced learning, there is a website suited to your needs. So, dive in, start learning, and embark on a journey to becoming a Python pro!

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