Andrew Ng Talks about Future of AI at Amazon re: MARS

Andrew Ng Talks about Future of AI at Amazon re: MARS

What is Amazon re: MARS ?

Not the planet Mars but Machine Learning, Automation, Robotics, and Space .

Amazon re: MARS is a new global AI event on Machine Learning, Automation, Robotics, and Space, to learn why and how to apply the latest AI advances in your business and work.

Andrew Ng at MARS 2019 [Highlights]

AI is the new electricity.

Andrew Ng

35x increment in AI jobs since the past 2 years.

35x Growth in AI jobs

The skyrocketing number of research paper published and the exponential growth of the AI community.

Growth Of annually paper published

“This is the time to bet on AI rise outside the software industry”

McKinsey estimated 13 trillion dollars of global GDP value creation by the year 2030 due to AI .(link)

AI to contribute $13 trillion of global GDP by 2030

Sectors like retail, travel, logistics, agriculture, automotive will use AI more than Software Industry which includes big and small software companies.

AI in industries
AI in industries

The spread of AI should now be focused on sectors other than the software industry.

Google Brain one of the first project “Google Cat” used 16,000 CPU cores to train the model to recognize cats from youtube videos.

Data and computation have become more accessible and affordable due to cloud services like AWS and Google cloud.

The rise of talent + ideas + tools is making AI more accessible than ever before even to companies outside the software industry.

Key factors in the rise of AI

Talent: MOOCs and online courses has given power in hands of everyone to learn and implement AI.

Idea: The number of AI research paper published have skyrocketed from 150 per year to 100 papers per day on arXiv.

Tools: Open-source Frameworks like Tensorflow, Pytorch, mxnet, keras, scikit-learn, caffe etc have made AI so accesible that even a 12 year old kid can make his own ML project.

How to Find AI use cases for Businesses.?

Start Small
Andrew Ng on how to find best use case of AI in your business.

Start Small:

Google Brain team started with speech recognition then moved to Google Maps and finally implemented AI on the big fish that is Google Ads.

Automate Task not Jobs:

Look at jobs which comprise many different smaller tasks and then look at the tasks they make up a job and see what’s available for AI automation.
Example: Reading X-ray is a task which a radiologist does apart from consulting patient, surgical planning, mentor younger doctors, etc.

Combine AI and subject matter expertise:

AI Project selection.

Choose projects which are at the intersection of “What AI can do ?” and “Things valuable for your business”
Experts from AI and Business should brainstorm about projects and evaluate wether it is something which AI can do or not and how much it is valuable to the company.

Upcoming AI Projects..

  • AI as a Systematic Engineering Discipline.
  • Transition from big dataets to small datasets by using transfer learning and data augmentation.
  • Meta reinforcement learning: Making AI learn how to control and adapt to varying dynamics of the robot.

Andrew Ng on AI Equality.

In eras of technological disruption leadership matters for those of us in the software industry even as we let the world through multiple ways of technological disruption we’ve not always provided the best leadership. With the rise of the internet we create a tremendous wealth but we also contributed to wealth inequality, that’s why I think now with the rise of AI it is incumbent on all of us to invest at least equally if not more on antidotes such as education or making sure we have informed government leaders and thoughtful regulation. because let’s make sure that this time with the rise of AI even as we’re building this exciting AI power future we take everyone along with us.”~ Andrew Ng

Andrew Ng’s Most Popular Machine Learning course (CourseEra) (Youtube)

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