GEMINI (BARD) can help you land your dream job. Copy & paste these prompts.

GEMINI (BARD) can help you land your dream job. Copy & paste these prompts.
Gemini prompts to land your dream job

Connecting with the right people who can help you to get the job is a tedious task. Recruiters and company employees get thousands of messages from random people to refer or ask for any job opportunity in their company. But sadly, they can only reply to a few. So the best thing to do is craft a message that compels the user to read and take action.

Well, when it comes to writing AI has very much reduced the pain of writing from scratch. You can use ChatGPT or GEMINI to give a kick to networking with people on LinkedIn, via email, write cover letters, write follow-up emails, or do any other written task.

Here are 7  prompts to kickstart your process of finding a new job.

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Prompt for Networking on LinkedIn

Write a message to connect with a professional at [Company] on LinkedIn, discussing my interest in the current opening for [Title] position and how my background in [Specific Field/Technology] makes me a strong candidate.

Prompt to write a cover letter that stands out

Write a compelling and expertised cover letter for the role of [Title] at [Company], emphasizing my experience in [Specific Field/Technology]. Mention how my contributions at [Previous Company] align with the job requirements: <Copy/paste job description>.

Prompt to write a resume from scratch

Write resume for [Title] at [company], [X] years of experience, 3–5 bullet points per role and include 10 key job description keywords. Past titles: [Company A-Y years, Company B-Z years].
<Copy/paste job description>.

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Prompt to email to send a job application

Compose an email to send my resume and cover letter for the [Title] position at [Company] to an employer: [employer email], highlight my key achievements at [Previous Company] and express my enthusiasm for the role.

Prompt to Craft a Standout Follow-up Email

Craft a persuasive follow-up email to inquire about the status of your application for the [Title] role at [Company].

Prompt to Interview Preparation

Provide me a list of [number] interview questions based on job description. Job description: [paste text/link]

Prompt to Conduct a Realistic Interview

Conduct a technical interview for the [Job Role]. I am applying for this position. Ask me 15 questions related to [Specific Field/Technology], one after the other, gauging my expertise.
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