Google Data Structures & Algorithm (DSA) Course

Google Data Structures & Algorithm  (DSA) Course

Searching for a good and structured resource to learn data structures & algorithms (DSA)?

Wait no more, you can go to the Google Data Structure & Algorithms course and start learning DSA in a very easy and structured way.

There are a total of 53 items to cover and you can track your progress too.

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Topics covered in the Google DSA Course

Google Data Structure & algorithm course topics
  1. Map & dictionary
  2. Linked List
  3. Trees
  4. Stacks & queues
  5. Heaps
  6. Graphs
  7. Runtime Analysis
  8. Graphs
  9. Searching & sorting
  10. Recursion & Dynamic programming

What's included in the course?

Google DSA course material

The course is full of videos, interactive tutorials, coding questions & quizzes & reading material to help you learn in an effective way.

Watch the video of the topic to learn about the concept, practice the concept with an interactive tutorial, and then solve a coding question to try solving a problem on your own and finally take a quiz to evaluate your understanding of the concept.

Which programming language?

Google DSA course programming language

DSA is not dependent on programming language, the concept can be implemented in any language you want.

The Google DSA course offers 4 programming languages to choose from Java, C++, python, and Java script.

Whichever programming language you choose the video and core concept of the topic will remain the same the only thing that will change is how you implement the concept using your preferred programming language.

Data Structures & Algorithms – Google Tech Dev Guide
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