Google released what?? "Open" AI model

Google released what?? "Open" AI model

After Meta's Llama2 which is an open AI model which you can install and setup on your computer, google has released its own Open AI model "GEMMA"

Gemma is a lightweight pre-trained LLM model which can be modified to build AI tuned to give better results.

Now, open LLM models are not new, there are plenty of open-source AI models in the market today you can explore them on huggingface or better you can set up and use them by installing OLlama.

Comparing Gemma with Meta's llama2

Now, let's about Gemma  a bit more

  • Gemma is a light-weight AI model build from the same tech from which Gemini models are created
  • Gemma comes in two sizes, Gemma 2B & Gemma 7B that is 2 billion & 7 billion parameters. For context GPT-3 is trained on 175 billion parameters & llama2 by meta is trained on 65 billion parameters.
  • They are text-to-text, decoder-only large language models, available in English, with open weights, pre-trained variants, and instruction-tuned variants.
  • Gemma models are well-suited for a variety of text-generation tasks, including question-answering, summarization, and reasoning.
  • Trained on totaling 6 trillion tokens.
  • Optimized for Google Cloud

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Open models from google will encourage more developers to experiment with LLM's and build with Google's technology.

With the increasing release of open-source AI models, there chances and fear of AI being used in malicious ways is increasing. Also, there is a hot debate on who owns the content generated by AI.

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