Google is experimenting with Search using AI

Google is experimenting with Search using AI

Artificial intelligence is poised to drive the next wave of evolution in search engines. As AI algorithms continue to advance, search engines will enhance their ability to deliver highly accurate and personalized results. Picture a search engine that comprehends the nuances of your individual preferences, interests, and context, providing precisely what you require at the right moment.

By seamlessly integrating AI into the search experience, search engines can proactively anticipate your needs and present tailored suggestions, effectively saving you valuable time and effort. Whether it's recommending top-rated local restaurants or delivering timely updates on breaking news stories aligned with your interests, AI-powered search engines possess the potential to serve as indispensable personal assistants.

Furthermore, the integration of AI within search opens the gateway to immersive and interactive experiences. Leveraging natural language processing and machine learning, search engines gain the capability to grasp intricate queries and deliver answers in a conversational manner. This encompasses voice-activated searches and even augmented reality overlays, unlocking a realm of possibilities to enrich and enhance the search experience.

That being said google is experimenting to integrate Generative AI in Google search.

The Screenshot is of me using the SGE-enhanced feature from the search labs.

Search Generative Experiment (AI Search)

Unlike the original search which gives only links to related articles on the internet this advanced search generative experience answers the question using AI.

Search Generative Experience Converse feature

Moreover, you can continue by asking follow-up questions using the converse feature and talking to the AI to give more information.

Coding Tips

The second experiment in the search lap is "Coding tips" which uses generative AI to generate code.

Add to sheets

Add to sheet (google search labs)

The internet is full of listicles, now AI can help you extract list items from the article and import it directly into a Google sheet.

You can use all three features just by login in using your Gmail account and activating the feature from the google search lab

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Generative AI Course on Coursera

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Thanks for reading. Stay healthy, and stay curious.
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