Google's sign-in page is changing.

Google's sign-in page is changing.

If you have signed up or signed in to Google recently you might have noticed a banner on the top saying "A new look is coming soon"

Google's new sign-up page coming soon banner

What does modern look mean? what is Google changing?

So around May 2021, google launched a new updated & refined version of its design system "Material 3" and since then google is redesigning products and interfaces to align with the Material3 guide line.

So following that track, google it finally sign up page's turn to get a redesign or according to the banner "a more modern look & feel"

What's changed

Google new sign-in page layout

There is no change in the login steps only the layout & UI has changed.

You can notice the layout is much more aligned with Material 3 guidelines.

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The new sign-in page

Google sign-in page

The new sign-in page has a better layout for all screen types, which includes large and wide screens. The sign-in page adjusts to your screen’s size.

Overall, its not a big change it's just a UI redesign to fully integrate the Material 3 design system in all the Google products give a cohesive and consistent experience across all google products, and increase brand recall.

How to view the new Google sign-in page?

If you are not seeing the new & updated Google sign-in page, with for until 4th March.  

The sign-in page is under Gradual rollout (up to 15 days for feature visibility) starting on February 21, 2024, with anticipated completion on March 4, 2024

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