How can startups build AI that people trust? A Guide to Integrate AI in Business.

How can startups build AI that people trust? A Guide to Integrate AI in Business.

A storm of tools has been made using AI, from generating images from prompts to writing, making videos from a single image, or making smart and intelligent chatbots. These tools already exist and make people's life easier to generate content and helping business to save time and money.

But, when it comes to businesses that want to integrate AI capabilities in their customer-facing product they are not really sure where to start.

If you are someone an individual, business owner, or corporate employee who makes consumer products or business products you must have a fair understanding of what problem you want to solve and if AI can help you in solving that problem.

Here is a guide on AI to answer all your question if AI can make your product better. The guidebook is written by over a hundred Googlers, industry experts, and academic researchers. It is a good starting point to access and answer the question "How AI can improve my product or business?"

The guide focuses on how AI can be paired with humans to make a human-centric AI, Responsible AI to help humans.

The People + AI guidebook has 5 sections.


These are a collection of frequently asked questions to help you and make AI products and features.


A set of 6 in-depth articles helpful for AI product development and making a transition from Non-AI to AI-enabled solutions.

Case Studies

A collection of real-world example on how AI is integrated in products.


A self-paced workshop slide template to navigate and help you discover what are the areas where AI can be helpful. If you are a team you can facilitate and complete the workshop. There is a facilitator guide also available to help you.


A collection of all the commonly used terms in AI.

Here's a quick intro on designing Human centered AI products.

The video is from 2019 and lays out the vision and key idea, refer People + AI guidebook to get the latest updates.


People + AI Guidebook
A toolkit for teams building human-centered AI products.

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