In Search of Business Ideas Post Covid in India [ What Changed ?]

In Search of Business Ideas Post Covid in India [ What Changed ?]

Covid-19 has shook the economics and life of every individual and push it the whole system into a downfall trend.

But, if you see Covid-19 just like any other problem and start thinking about mitigating the disaster and solving the problems faced by people around you, it will be a great service to humankind and a rise of your startup.

To solve problem one has to figure out

  • What is the problem?
  • Is it worth solving?
  • Is it deployable in a reliable time?
  • Can you make it happen?

Due to, Covid-19 change has accelerated, new behaviors in the society have emerged as an entrepreneur your job is to analyze out this behavior and convert it into a startup idea and delight people with your innovative solution.

The biggest problem lies in “Can you make this trend a permanent change” ?

Below is a slide deck exploring the effect of covid-19 in India, how people reacted to it and how businesses have adapted to the changing scenarios.

Decoding the situation will lead you to your personalized “Business opportunity”.

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