Robo Thread

Robo Thread

MIT developed a robot which looks and moves like a thread.

These robo threads are made of “nitrol” a material which can be bent and is flexible in nature. The material has a property to retain its original shape like a spring.

The “nitrol” thread is coated with “hydrogel” which is a non-harmful material proven to be compatible with the human body.

The thread is magnetic in nature and can be directed and controlled using a strong magnet or an induced magnetic field. This makes the thread possible to be controlled from a safe distance or wirelessly from a remote location.

Robo-Thread Developed By MIT

Researchers are targeting to use of the “Robo-thread” in brain surgeries to make them less invasive. Robo- threads can be useful in removing blood clots and blockages in the brain and in veins to prevent lesion and stroke.

Further, researches are planning to replace the nitrol with fiber-optic material which can direct laser light to blast away blockages and increases the efficiency of removing blood clots.

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