Upskill your software development skills by writing complex software.

Learn how to build complex projects hands-on from scratch, learn best practices and upskill your programming and system design skills. Learn to build projects like git, redis, docker, and SQLlite in your preferred language like Python, GO, Rust, and javascript.

Upskill your software development skills by writing complex software.
learn how to practice writing complex software.

If you are a working software developer who feels like your day-to-day tasks as a coder have become boring.

If you feel your current work is not challenging enough?

If you feel your day-to-day task are redundant, easy and not add any skill,

If you feel frustrated with making small and easy code changes.

You have come to the right place.


I can understand the feeling of getting a new job, working for a year or two, and then finding yourself stuck in day-to-day mundane tasks. The feeling of wanting challenging tasks and projects to work on and upskill but not getting the resources to start from.

The internet is full of content and tutorials for beginners, you came this far by learning from these resources. You have learned the basics and you have implemented them in your work. However these resources are not enough to fulfill your desire to become an expert in software development. You need a platform, a course specially designed for experienced software developers.

Right, you need to make bigger and complex projects to sharpen your logical and programming skills you need Code crafter to Build your own X course.

What is Build Your Own X

The best way to learn is to copy, copy from the great, and steal from the greatest. This is what the Build You X program is about. You recreate big and complex projects like Redis, git, and Docker from scratch. Yes from Scratch and hands-on. without the constraint of programming language.

By writing code from scratch you will learn every small detail, logic, and decision that results in fully functional and reliable software like Redis, git, Docker, etc.

You will not only learn how to write better code, but also how to plan, how to design the system, and communicate your decisions.

How to start?

To start building your Redis, docker, git, etc. from scratch go to CodeCrafter website and Sign up.  

The best part is you can start learning for free.

Codecrafter challenge tracks.

  1. Build your own Redis.
  2. Build your own Docker.
  3. Build your own Git
  4. Build your own SQLite
  5. Build your own grep
  6. Build your own BitTorrent.

You can start with any on of the challenge with excites you the most.

Getting Started with a Challenge.

Getting started with Build your own Git

I chose to challenge to build Git. The Interface is clean and minimal.

The challenge is divided into stages. For example the Git challenge has 7 stages

Start Building

Select a language CodeCrafter

After you click start building you will be prompted to choose a language in which you want to build the project.

Currently, CodeCrafter supports 14 languages including some of the popular ones like Python, GO,Rust, Java Script, Ruby, and Java.

Once you have selected your preferred programming language, you can follow the tutorials and guide to start building the software step by step.

Earn Badges

Badges in Code cradter

To make learning rewardful you earn badges along the way which you can share on your social media and garner some like and comments.

Vote for next Build Your Own

Vote Build your own X

Now that you are part of the CodeCrafter Community you can vote for what you want next. What do you want to learn building?

So what are you waiting for Go sign up and start learning. If you sign up from the link below you can start learning for free and avail a 40% discount on the 1st year if you choose to buy the subscription.

The Software Pro’s Best Kept Secret.
Real-world proficiency projects designed for experienced engineers. Develop software craftsmanship by recreating popular devtools from scratch.

That is for this article.

As always, stay healthy, keep coding, and build amazing software.

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