6 Interactive platform to learn Python free & fast.

6 Interactive platform to learn Python free & fast.

Learning a new programming can be daunting if you are a beginner. Understanding the basic concepts of programming and getting your fundamentals clear is necessary for a beginner. Python is a easy language and anyone who is starting to code get familiar with the language and basics syntax quickly.

There are many good websites to learn python by reading the concept and writing code in there local IDE but this consumes time as the user has to switch between windows which breaks the flow.

Contrary to this there are some platforms which enables the user to learn python interactively. You can read the instructions and tutorial and write the code side by side in the browser itself. This interactive learning approach eliminates the hassle of switching windows and gives more inclusive and connected experience.

This interactive approach of learning python help beginners to rapidly understand the concepts and try hands on with programming while they are learning.

Below are 7 interactive platforms where you can learn Python by practicing code and reading the tutorial side by side.


Datacamp is specialized to give quality courses to become a data scientist and machine learning engineer . They also have specific courses on software of tools like tableau, R, SQL etc. which are required to become a data science professional.

Since python is one of the languages that companies look at before hiring a data scientist, datacamp provides a free python introductory course to learn python basics with addon libraries like NumPy which are useful for data manipulation.

Datacamp is running a free week campaign to access all its courses, you can avail yourself the opportunity to explore the data science courses and continue your journey if it excites you.

Datacamp Free python course


Codecademy may skill paths and courses both paid and free focusing different subjects and languages like web development, data science, machine learning, python, C, JavaScript etc.

Codecademy is a platform that I have personally used to learn python, They have a fluent User interface that looks neat and flawless. The UI is easy to navigate and helps the user to smoothly complete tasks one after another.

Learn Python with Codecademy


With CodeCrafters.io Learn how to build complex projects hands-on from scratch, learn best practices and upskill your programming and system design skills. Learn to build projects like git, Redis, docker, and SQLite in your preferred language like Python, GO, Rust, and JavaScript. If you signup from the link below you can start learning for free and avail a 40% discount on the 1st year if you choose to buy the subscription.

The Software Pro’s Best Kept Secret.
Real-world proficiency projects designed for experienced engineers. Develop software craftsmanship by recreating popular devtools from scratch.


hackinscience is an opensource free platfor without ads made by a team of Python passionates.

Unlike other websites, hackinscience does not give a course structure but instead, it gives 5 modules Basics, Training, Algorithms, Command-Line, and NumPy. Each of the modules contains exercises that can be completed by reading instructions and writing the code side by side.

Hackinscience Free python course


Scrimba is one level up in interactivity it not only provides coding and instructions in the same window bu it also gives video to follow along with the course.

scrimba python
scrimba python

You can access the free course on python which has 59 lesson covered in 5hr to give you a kick start in python programming and build a strong foundation.

Scrimba Free introduction to python

Learn Python.org

Learnpython is totally free to learn python the basics are divided into 3 modules Basic, Data science and advance tutorials.

The platform is supported by datacamp and uses datacamps Ipython shell widget to make the learning experience interactive and more hands on.

Learn python on learnpython.org

Solo Learn

Solo learn is yet another free interactive platform to learn python in a fun way. it has a modern UI design to hook the user to the platform and keep the learning process smooth and educative,

Solo learn has a large community platform where fellow coders can interact and find people with similar interest which keep a beginner motivated and encourage him to do better by peer to peer learning environment.

Solo learn python tutorials


Microsoft learn offers free resources to learn programming, check tutorials and video on python programming.

Thank you for reading, Happy Learning, drop your suggestion in the comments.

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