Unique projects to showcase your python skills

Unique projects to showcase your python skills

I am grateful you liked part 1 of the animation projects in Python. So I decided to do some exploration and found some more amazing graphic animation projects that you can make in Python. By making these projects you will be able to learn about the underlying principle of the code and will be able to showcase your understanding of Python programming in a very distinct and innovative way.

In a world where competition is increasing day by day and jobs are getting lesser, you have to work hard and stand out in the crowd.

One thing which you can be unique and distinct is to stop making boring projects which everybody is making. Start innovating, and be creative with the projects you make. Make a project that solves a problem, make a project that is functionally good and visually attractive. Cos we all know what looks better attracts.

So without further, a do here are 7 seleted and unique Python projects you add to your resume to make it more distinct.

The flappy Bird game

Flappy bird game in python
Flappy bird game in python

Analog clock GUI

Analog clock GUI in python 

Amazon product price tracker script

Amazon product price tracker in python
Amazon product price tracker in python 

This script acts like your own personal assistant, checking the product price regularly. If the price dips below what you have asked for, it sends you a email alert in your inbox with the link of the product.

Music player in Python

Music player in python
Music player in python 

To start with you can make modern UI using the Fluent design system widgets for Python and the script logic to make the interactions for each element in the UI. Furthermore, you can connect the YouTube API and ember the search and play functions in your APP. Sorry but I don't have a source code for this, but I am sure you can hustle and make it by yourself. Drop me a email if you make one I would be happy to link your source code here.

Here's a tutorial to get started Music player in python tutorial

Add a modern-looking UI interface to Python code.

Fluent UI for python application
Fluent UI for python application
How to make stunning Modern-looking Windows applications in Python [PyQT]
If you are making software with a GUI using Python most probably you might be using TKinter. Well, TKinter is good for college and hobby projects but if you need a modern-looking UI for your Python application front end you have to the right place. Recently I discovered this amazing
Fluent GUI widgets in python

Tank and Zombie shooting game

A very good informative and step by step tutorial on how to make the tank and zombie game.

Zombies vs Tanks: A Simple game in Python and Pygame Zero
This post is a follow on from my last post which introduced gaming[https://new.pythonforengineers.com/blog/your-first-game-in-python-in-less-than-30-minutes/], make sure you’ve read it. The source code is here: https://github.com/shantnu/zombie_tanks So this time we’ll build a slightly (but jus…

Make a recommendation system

build your own personalized recommendation engine! Ditch the static recommendations and create a system that recommends based on your interests. With Surprise, the world of personalized recommendations is at your fingertips!

Hope you liked the project recommendation and make some of them to learn and enjoy coding.

And as always,

Stay heathy & stay curious
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