How to make stunning Modern-looking Windows applications in Python [PyQT]

How to make stunning Modern-looking Windows applications in Python [PyQT]

If you are making software with a GUI using Python most probably you might be using TKinter. Well, TKinter is good for college and hobby projects but if you need a modern-looking UI for your Python application front end you have to the right place.

Recently I discovered this amazing Python library that helps you to create an amazing good-looking UI for your Python application.

Presenting, QFluentWidgets for PyQt (PyQt is one of the most popular Python bindings for the Qt cross-platform C++ framework.)

PyQt fluent Github repo
PyQt GitHub repo stats
Source: Q fluent widget

Q fluent Widget is a fluent design component library based on C++ Qt/PyQt/PySide. It includes hundreds of fluent design components, aiming to simplify development and improve efficiency.

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Feature of Qt fluent widget

Fluent widget library for Python
  • Open-source & Free: Build premium interfaces without licensing fees.
  • Lightning-fast Development: Integrate components quickly with minimal effort.
  • Crisp & Scalable Icons: Enhance your UI with 175+ vector icons that adapt to any screen size.
  • Theme Flexibility: Switch between light & dark themes or tailor colors for a personalized touch.
  • Visual Design Workflow: Preview and use components directly in QtDesigner for a seamless experience.
  • Resolution-independent: Ensure your UI looks perfect on any screen with custom scaling.
  • Reach Global Audiences: Support multiple languages to cater to diverse user groups.
  • Go Cross-platform: Build UIs that work flawlessly on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

The best part

QT fluent Designer Source: PyQT fluent widget

It comes with a drag-and-drop designer to make your life easier and accelerate your front-end UI-making process.

It has got 160+ open-source non-commercial Fluent Design components which you can drag and drop to make your Windows application using Python.

Download the PyQt fluent component galley
You can check out and view the components by downloading the gally zip from their website under the demo navigation menu


The developer is already making Python application using the QT fluent widget you can check out that application on their showcase page.

Learn more about Windows fluent design system.

What are you waiting for, go and try the library make something amazing, and share a screenshot of what you made in the comment box.

If you are using Tkinter check out this amazing Tkinter library to convert rectangles into Tkinter UI.

Quickly Design and Autogenerate Tkinter GUI code
Tkinter is a standard python package which is used to create easy to use GUI interfaces in python. Tkinter has many GUI widgets such as button, label, menu, message, radiobutton, scrollbar etc. which can be customized using attributes like dimensions, colors, fonts anchors etc. Created something in…
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