The 1060 Raspberry Pi Supercomputer

The 1060 Raspberry Pi Supercomputer

Raspberry pi has surely transformed how people use single board computers. Raspberry Pi 3B+ is the top-selling single-board computer which is used in prototyping and for industrial use.

Recently, Raspberry Pi has launched its latest upgrade of Raspberry pi single board computer ” Raspberry Pi 4” which is upto 35 % faster than its predecessor Raspberry pi 3b+.

But when it comes to making servers which can handle millions of client request a single raspberry pi is not sufficient.

Recently developers have tried and succeeded to make raspberry pi clusters which is multiple raspberry pi connected together.

Oracle in its Open World Convention showcases a 1060 raspberry pi cluster which comprises of 1060 Raspberry Pi 3B+ stacked in a 3D printed rack.

1060 Raspberry Pi supercomputer (credit: servethehome)

Each Raspberry Pi is connected to a series of switches ( Ubiquiti UniFi Switch 48s ) and uplinked them with a transceiver ( SFP+ 10GbE  ).

The cluster runs the oracles autonomous Linux operating system.

Oracle Autonomous Linux executes automatic patch updates and tuning—without human interaction—improving IT staff productivity, security, and downtime. Combined with native Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services such as Oracle OS Management Service, it offers even more automation such as autoscaling, lifecycle management across pools, and monitoring. It is available with Oracle Linux Premier Support at no cost to Oracle Cloud customers. Oracle Autonomous Linux is based on Oracle Linux, which is binary-compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, allowing IBM Red Hat customers to immediately start using the service with current applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. “

The raspberry cluster is power by a series of USB power supplies to deliver maximum uninterrupted power to the cluster

The each Raspberry Pi is further connected to a Supermicro 1U Xeon server which acts as a central storage server for the whole cluster.

1060 Raspberry Pi connected to Switches (Credit Servethehome)

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Source: ServeTheHome

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